New Beginnings Community Church Men's Ministry exists to help men grow closer in their relationship with Christ and faithfully serve Him in their homes, work, church, and throughout the world. We strive to keep men committed to a life of discipleship and service to God through a supportive and loving fellowship.

If you would like to experience the fullness and abundant life that Jesus promised, join one of these areas of church life offered by the NBCC Men's Ministry:

* Encouragement - our fellowship and group meetings provide an atmosphere of encouragement and trust for men desiring to be UNIQUELY God's... UNIQUELY Men.

* Relational Accountability - we build around relationships and loving accountability to keep men committed to God through a supportive and loving fellowship.

* Disciple Making - we make sure that every man is in the lifetime disciple- making process.

* Leadership Development - through a plan of discipleship, prepare men to be Christ-centered leaders serving God in the home, church, workplace, community, and the world.

We are committed to developing a spiritual readiness in men by building them up in the faith and leading them to spiritual maturity by equipping them for service.

(Col. 2:7; 2 Tim. 3:16-17).

The Women's Enrichment Ministry provides a place where the unique needs of women can be met. Through various types of activities such as seminars, retreats, Bible studies, social events, community service, and leadership training, our goal is to enrich the lives of women so that their faith in Jesus Christ impacts every area of their life.

​The benefits derived from this ministry are: Women learn to love God more and know Him better. Women form meaningful relationships with one another. Women discover and use their talents and spiritual gifts. Women receive woman-to-woman understanding and lay counseling.

Women’s Enrichment Ministry

Our youth ministry is purpose-driven!! We will EXPOSE each child to the love of God, by EQUIPPING them to EXALT God, as they learn how to ENJOY one another and EXPERIENCE the work of ministry.

We are driven to expose every young person to the love of God.

We are driven to equip every young person with the word of God.

We are driven to exalt God so that every young person knows how to Worship.

We are driven to enjoy our time together. We are driven to experience how the body of Christ operates.

The core strategy is to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to prepare seriously dating and engaged couples for a lifelong healthy marriage, to enrich and strengthen existing marriages, and to save a severely troubled marriage. This is done through mentoring, retreats, seminars, conferences, small groups, pastoral counseling, expository preaching and teaching, and social activities.

We have a Prayer Request Line at (301) 249-8715 Option #3

You can send us your Prayer Request

We believe that Single Adults are a valuable resource to the church. New Beginnings is not a family church but a church family, where every member regardless of their marital status has value. Our approach to ministering to singles is not the traditional approach of placing singles into a separate group but to ensure that single adults are an integral part of the church by their service and participation in various ministries and relation-based groups.

Our Discipleship Class Meets Sunday mornings, 9:00 am, before the worship service. The purpose of the New Beginnings Community Church (NBCC) Discipleship Ministry is to GLORIFY GOD through a variety of edifying opportunities and to support the church in fulfilling our mission of seeking and training people to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our philosophy that the Discipleship ministry is under the command of God's word to teach the entire scripture so that God's people will be followers of Christ as they attempt to fulfill the Great Commission, as well as the Great Commandment.

Our mission is to save the loss and contribute to expanding God’s universal movement of building the body of Christ. Thus, the Outreach Ministry helps to spread God’s Word and share His love with the immediate community and beyond.

The purpose of our outreach is to reach and introduce the community to New Beginnings Community Church and its various ministries. Therefore, we want to engage in looking beyond ourselves and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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